About Astrology

About Astrology

Astrology is a divine science of studying movement of stars and planets and interpreting their influences on the human beings . Each interpretation is confined to the time parameter. The influence of stars on human being has been a subject of interest since ages and has fascinated the kings and common folks alike.

The sage Valmiki in his epic Ram Charitramanas mentions the planetary position of Bhagwan Shri Ram. This formed one of the earliest linkages to the information on astrology.

The history is replete with information on the astrologers engaged by the kings in their courts. The king Vikramaditya had the great astrologer – Varahmihira , Mughul kings Firoz Shah Tughlak and Akbar had astrologers Mahendra Suri and Nilakantha Daivajna respectively. Even the great poet Kalidasa in addition to his literary work wrote Uttara Kalamtrita. This conforms the faith and utility of astrology.

Since a human being is a part of the “supreme being” , the supreme being reincarnates himself in the form of planets to set forth a man or woman to do right or wrong in the present life depending on the past karma. our birth, our pains , our ambitions and determinations are all due to the influences of planets. In other words , everything is pre determined or destined.

Our Hindu vedic astrology refers to the study of mainly 9 planets namely the Sun , Moon, Mars , Mercury, Venus, Jupiter , Saturn , Rahu and Ketu. There are 3 extra Saturnine planets as well, discovered in the later years viz Pluto , Uranus and Neptune whose effects have been imported into Hindu vedic astrology.

The planets not only emit heat , light , electricity , magnetism and other energies known to science but also subtle forces which profoundly influences life on earth. These planets house themselves in the zodiac in different houses and depending on the ascendant rising at the time of birth the birth chart is prepared with the position of planets starting from Aries to Pisces ( 12 signs).

An astrologer keeping in mind the principles laid down by the great Saints attempts to interpret the past , present and the future tendencies. The astrologer with his experience and foresight makes a judgement to provide the best guidance to the person.

The art of interpretaion or so called prediction requires extreme religious leanings on part of the astrologer and he should have pious background. The astrologer must refrain from any malice at the time of interpretation.



The Astrological Services provided are totally based upon the knowledge of Astrology and accurate data provided on birth details by the client. Astrology is an ancient art of analysing the birth chart and has its limitations. You are advised to exercise judgement while reading and applying the analysis. Astro-shastri.com rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decisions.

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