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Shri Potukuchi Subramaniam

Shri Potukuchi Subramaniam hails from Tenali, Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh. Astrology has always fascinated him. The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. There are certain skill sets which are acquired, but there are certain others which are inherent. As he stepped into his teens, he had started participating in the family discussions with his accurate readings and interpretations. He gained experience under the guidance of his late father and uncles. He has been practising it for over 3 decades now. He has the experience of reviewing and analyzing several thousand horoscopes. His study, interpretation and accurate analysis has helped many in different parts of the world.

He received his formal education in Delhi. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from University of Delhi and Post Graduate degree from Delhi School of Economics. After a successful career in the corporate world, he has decided to give more time to his abilities on Astrology for the benefit of the community. In view of the limited time available, there is a small fee for the service offered and a portion of which is donated to charity and community service.

Shri Subramaniam belongs to a family of astrologers. He learnt astrology and palmistry from his father late Sri Potukuchi Papaiah Sastry, who was a teacher of fine Arts and Engineering drawing in Delhi. He practised Astro-Palmistry and gained name among who is who in political and social circles. His grand father, Sri Potukuchi Venkat Subbiah Sastry was a renowned Astrologer, Vastu Expert & Palmist from Mulpur, near Tenali and was better known as Mulpur Siddhanthi Garu. Shri Subramaniam’s uncles, Sri Potukuchi Venkatramaiah a Telugu Professor and Astrologer of repute in Hyderbad, Sri Venketeswara Sastry of Tenali was a famous astrologer and Vastu Expert, who has written many books in Telugu of which Muhuratha Vignanam and Jatika Chandrika are the prominent ones.

He uses intuition to offer guidance to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead.The remedies suggested by him do not disturb the daily routines or regular schedules and have a scientific basis.



The Astrological Services provided are totally based upon the knowledge of Astrology and accurate data provided on birth details by the client. Astrology is an ancient art of analysing the birth chart and has its limitations. You are advised to exercise judgement while reading and applying the analysis. Astro-shastri.com rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decisions.

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