Client Testimonials


I have known Shri Subramaniam for over 20 years! His guidance has been a source of strength all along... His predictions have been accurate and have immensely helped me all through my life!

His knowledge has not only benefitted me but also several of my friends who now count upon him for advice from time to time!

Vivek Johri, Muscat, Oman




From time to time Mr Subramaniam has helped, guided me and find direction in life. He is someone who really believes in helping people with his talent.

Varun walia, California, USA




Relief & assurance have set into me without any wavering after I’ve heard Mr. Subramaniam’s words of prediction on myhealth & career concerns. The occasions were accidental but his advice towards my accomplishment worked into making his prophecy & my wish become incidental! His guidance, as I’ve experienced is our conviction in our devotion to God; advice to intensify regular prayers … Orbit of hope & faith is my life today. Drop of the hat, I know where to turn to (of course, not for petty issues) … Very happy that I have known SubramaniamGaru for almost two decades.

Subhashini Rao, Educator/ Administrator - Secunderabad





The Astrological Services provided are totally based upon the knowledge of Astrology and accurate data provided on birth details by the client. Astrology is an ancient art of analysing the birth chart and has its limitations. You are advised to exercise judgement while reading and applying the analysis. Astro-shastri.com rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decisions.

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